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There are several different artists under this name: 1) anarcho-punk/crust band from USA (1994-2002) 2) Russian power metal band (1996-present) 3) French art band 4) US technical power metal 5) Deathcore band from Wiscasset, Maine 6) Polish Technical Death Jazz metal 7) Band from Moldova 8) UK Heavy Progressive Rock 9) Israeli deathcore 10) French death industrial/dark ambient 11) Kansas rapper 1

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Catharsis — Ballada Zemli
Catharsis — Hold Fast
Catharsis — Into Oblivion
Catharsis — Krilja
Catharsis — Serdce Mira
Catharsis — Silence Flows
Catharsis — Simfoniya Ognya
Catharsis — Talisman
Catharsis — Uvertyura