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Chimaira (pronounced /kaɪˈmɪərə/) was an American metal band from Cleveland, Ohio, formed in 1998 and disbanded in 2014. The band is a notable member of the New Wave of American Heavy Metal. Their band name is derived from the word Chimera, a monstrous creature in Greek mythology. They play a style of mainly groove metal, with some metalcore, industrial metal, and death metal influences. Chimaira

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Chimaira — Power Trip
Chimaira — Without Moral Restraint
Chimaira — Year Of The Snake
Chimaira — Try To Survive
Chimaira — Worthless
Chimaira — Pass Out Of Existence
Chimaira — Abeo
Chimaira — Black Heart
Chimaira — Bloodlust
Chimaira — Born In Blood
Chimaira — Cleansation
Chimaira — Clockwork
Chimaira — Coming Alive
Chimaira — Dead Inside
Chimaira — Destroy And Dominate
Chimaira — Down Again
Chimaira — Empire
Chimaira — End It All
Chimaira — Everything You Love
Chimaira — Flame
Chimaira — Forced Life
Chimaira — Frozen In Time
Chimaira — Gag
Chimaira — I Despise
Chimaira — Impending Doom
Chimaira — Jade
Chimaira — Killing The Beast
Chimaira — Lend A Hand
Chimaira — Let Go
Chimaira — Losing My Mind
Chimaira — Lumps
Chimaira — Needle
Chimaira — No Reason To Live
Chimaira — Nothing Remains
Chimaira — On Broken Glass
Chimaira — Options
Chimaira — Pleasure In Pain
Chimaira — Pure Hatred
Chimaira — Refuse To See
Chimaira — Resurrection
Chimaira — Rizzo
Chimaira — Salvation
Chimaira — Save Ourselves
Chimaira — Secrets Of The Dead
Chimaira — Severed
Chimaira — Six
Chimaira — Sphere
Chimaira — Split
Chimaira — Taste My
Chimaira — The Disappearing Sun
Chimaira — The Flame
Chimaira — The Heart Of It All
Chimaira — The Venom Inside
Chimaira — Pray For All
Chimaira — Left For Dead
Chimaira — All Thats Left Is Blood