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Cloudkicker is a one man instrumental progressive metal project by Ben Sharp (A.K.A. B.M. Sharp) from Columbus, Ohio, USA, heavily influenced by math metal and post-rock. Sharp utilizes drum machines and custom-tuned guitars in his recordings. Cloudkicker's first album, The Discovery, was made in 2008. Aviation has been a major recurring theme across multiple releases. Most of the song titles, al

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Cloudkicker — Avalanche
Cloudkicker — Dysphoria
Cloudkicker — Everythings Mirrors
Cloudkicker — Explore Be Curious
Cloudkicker — From The Balcony
Cloudkicker — Garage Show
Cloudkicker — Genesis Device
Cloudkicker — Hold On Incomplete
Cloudkicker — Let Yourself Be Huge
Cloudkicker — Making Will Mad
Cloudkicker — Oh God
Cloudkicker — Seattle
Cloudkicker — The Discovery
Cloudkicker — Tip Your Van Driver
Cloudkicker — Welcome Back
Cloudkicker — Wunderkind
Cloudkicker — You And Yours
Cloudkicker — Threaded
Cloudkicker — Dovetail