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Clutch is name of at least two bands: A Germantown, MD, USA rock band: Rock band which formed in the early-90s. Members include: Dan Maines (bass), Tim Sult (guitar), Jean-Paul Gaster (drums) and Neil Fallon (vocals, guitar, harmonica). Their recording début was EP Pitchfork (Oct 1991). Each of Clutch's albums is marked by its own distinct and cohesive sound and the band's musical style may be s

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Clutch — 50000 Unstoppable Watts
Clutch — A Shogun Named Marcus
Clutch — Abraham Linkoln
Clutch — Electric Worry
Clutch — Ghost
Clutch — Hoodoo Operator
Clutch — Mercury
Clutch — Power Player
Clutch — Regulator
Clutch — Swollen Goat
Clutch — The Elephant Riders
Clutch — The Soapmakers
Clutch — What Would A Wookie Do
Clutch — Worm Drink
Clutch — Abraham Lincoln
Clutch — Crucial Velocity
Clutch — Electric Worry
Clutch — Rock N Roll Outlaw
Clutch — The Devil And Me
Clutch — The Mob Goes Wild
Clutch — Unto The Breach
Clutch — X—ray Visions
Clutch — Burning Beard
Clutch — Immortal
Clutch — Big News 2
Clutch — Firebirds
Clutch — Doom Saloon
Clutch — Wishbone
Clutch — Elephant Riders
Clutch — Earth Rocker
Clutch — Sucker For The Witch
Clutch — Gone Cold
Clutch — Spacegrass