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Converge is a 4-piece American band, formed in February of 1990 in Salem, Massachusetts, United States. Playing a blend of extreme metal and hardcore punk, this pioneer outfit helped define a lot of the rudiments of the fast-burgeoning metalcore and mathcore genres. They first started by playing covers of hardcore, punk and heavy metal songs, being self-confessed "hardcore kids with leftover Slay

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Converge — Aimless Arrow
Converge — Axe To Fall
Converge — Bitter And Then Some
Converge — Broken Vow
Converge — Color Me Blood Red
Converge — Concubine
Converge — Coral Blue
Converge — Cutter
Converge — Dark Horse
Converge — Dead
Converge — Eagles Become Vultures
Converge — Fault And Fracture
Converge — First Light
Converge — Heartache
Converge — Heartache
Converge — Heartless
Converge — Heaven In Her Arms
Converge — Hellbound
Converge — Homewrecker
Converge — Jane Doe
Converge — Lonewolves
Converge — Losing Battle
Converge — No Heroes
Converge — Orphaned
Converge — Phoenix In Flight
Converge — Plagues
Converge — Sadness Comes Home
Converge — Shallow Breathing
Converge — Shame In The Way
Converge — The Saddest Day
Converge — Vengeance
Converge — Versus
Converge — Wishing Well
Converge — Wretched World