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Coroner is a Swiss technical thrash metal band from Zurich, Switzerland formed in 1983. They garnered relatively little attention outside of Europe. Coroner's music combines elements of thrash, progressive rock, jazz, and industrial metal with suitably gruff vocals. With their increasingly complex style of progressive rock-infused thrash, they are often labeled as "the Rush of thrash metal" by mus

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Coroner — About Life
Coroner — Grin Nails Hurt
Coroner — Masked Jackal
Coroner — Nosferatu
Coroner — Paralyzed Mesmerized
Coroner — Semtex Revolution
Coroner — Serpent Moves
Coroner — Son Of Lilith
Coroner — Arc—lite
Coroner — Der Mussolini
Coroner — Die By My Hand
Coroner — Doa
Coroner — Fried Alive
Coroner — Golden Cashmere Part 1
Coroner — Internal Conflict
Coroner — Masked Jakal
Coroner — Metamorphosis
Coroner — No Need To Be Human
Coroner — Pale Sister
Coroner — Punishment For Decadence
Coroner — Reborn Through Hate
Coroner — Shadow Of A Lost Dream
Coroner — Shifter
Coroner — Sirens
Coroner — Status Still Thinking
Coroner — The Favorite Game
Coroner — Totentanz
Coroner — Spectators Of Sin
Coroner — Coma
Coroner — Spiral Dreams
Coroner — Rip
Coroner — The Lethargic Age
Coroner — Caveat To The Coming
Coroner — Host
Coroner — Arrogance In Uniform