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Counterparts are a Canadian melodic hardcore band. The band currently consists of lead vocalist Brendan Murphy, guitarists Jesse Doreen and Adrian Lee , bassist Brian Kaczmarczyk and drummer Kelly Bilan. The band's most recent two albums have received critical acclaim from magazines Rock Sound and Exclaim!. They were released through Victory Records. Counterparts formed in Hamilton, Ontario in 20

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Counterparts — Carpe Diem
Counterparts — Choke
Counterparts — Burn
Counterparts — Debris
Counterparts — Collapse
Counterparts — Compass
Counterparts — Decay
Counterparts — Optimist
Counterparts — Digression
Counterparts — I Am No One
Counterparts — Only Anchors
Counterparts — Goodbye Megaton
Counterparts — Prophets
Counterparts — Reflection
Counterparts — Stillborn
Counterparts — Soil
Counterparts — The Constant
Counterparts — The Reflex Tester
Counterparts — Sturdy Wings
Counterparts — The Disconnect
Counterparts — Withdrawal
Counterparts — Wither
Counterparts — Witness
Counterparts — A Plea A Promise
Counterparts — Solace
Counterparts — Optimist
Counterparts — A Plea A Promise
Counterparts — Ghost
Counterparts — A Plea A Promise
Counterparts — Tragedy
Counterparts — Slave
Counterparts — Thread
Counterparts — Cursed
Counterparts — Jumping Ship
Counterparts — Stranger
Counterparts — Drown
Counterparts — Bouquet
Counterparts — No Servant Of Mine
Counterparts — Thieves
Counterparts — Outlier
Counterparts — Rope
Counterparts — A Memory Misread
Counterparts — Haunt Me
Counterparts — Resonate
Counterparts — Fragile Limbs
Counterparts — Arms Like Teeth