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Cpm 22
guitar tabs and chords

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A Melodic Hardcore band from São Paulo, CPM 22 is one of the most popular bands in Brazil. Their biggest influences are Offspring, Descendents, Millencolin, NOFX and Green Day. They started in 1995, and 7 years later they got the award from "Best New Artist" in MTV Video Music Awards Brazil. Then, they recorded their second album "Chegou A Hora de Recomeçar", which was a big sucess. Their last alb

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Cpm 22 — Alem De Nos
Cpm 22 — Amigos Perdidos
Cpm 22 — Anteontem
Cpm 22 — Antes Que Seja Tarde
Cpm 22 — Borizloser
Cpm 22 — Contagem Regressiva
Cpm 22 — Desconfio
Cpm 22 — Dias Atras
Cpm 22 — E Isso
Cpm 22 — Irreversivel
Cpm 22 — O Mundo Da Voltas
Cpm 22 — Ontem
Cpm 22 — Regina Lets Go
Cpm 22 — Tarde De Outubro