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Cromok is a famous Malaysian band in the late 80's which, at the time, were known as one of the pioneers of underground bands in Malaysia. Cromok was formed in Australia by 4 Malaysian students who studied in Australia. At that time the line up was: Din, Karl, Miji and Sam. Currently only Karl, Miji and Sam are left from the original line-up. After Din left the group, he formed his own band known

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Cromok — Another You
Cromok — As Sahar—nadayage Ii
Cromok — I Dont Belong Here
Cromok — Journey
Cromok — Little One
Cromok — Loser
Cromok — Memories
Cromok — Misery
Cromok — Misty
Cromok — Shadowplay
Cromok — Somewhere Anywhere
Cromok — The Gift
Cromok — The Other