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Crush 40
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Crush 40, previously known as Sons of Angels, was originally formed as a project band to record music for Sega's arcade racing game NASCAR Rubbin' Racing, or EA Sports NASCAR Arcade in the west. The core of the group is hard rock guitarist Jun Senoue and melodic rock vocal legend Johnny Gioeli. As of late, the band comprises of the following members: * Vocals: Johnny Gioeli * Guitars

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Crush 40 — Cant Stop So What
Crush 40 — Eggman
Crush 40 — Escape From The City
Crush 40 — Frog Forest
Crush 40 — Highway In The Sky
Crush 40 — His World
Crush 40 — I Am All Of Me
Crush 40 — Into The Wind
Crush 40 — It Doesnt Matter
Crush 40 — Kight Of The Wind
Crush 40 — Knight Of The Wind
Crush 40 — Live And Learn
Crush 40 — Live Learn
Crush 40 — Metal Harbor
Crush 40 — Metal Harbour
Crush 40 — Open Your Heart
Crush 40 — Revvin Up
Crush 40 — Un—gravitify
Crush 40 — What Im Made Of
Crush 40 — Watch Me Fly