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Cry Monster Cry — On Tangled Shores guitar tab & chords

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G#m B F# E

[Verse 1]
G#m                                B
Down this road I’m groaning, there we go, 
      F#           E
Way to go. No one knows. 
G#m                            B
And I cannot stop screaming so you know, 
         F#               E
Oh sweet Lord, where do we go?

G#m B F# E

[Verse 2]
G#m                         B
You are not the woman that I know, 
   F#                E
I adore, On Tangled Shores. 
  G#m                               B
A shill beneath the flowers bending low, 
         F#                E
Sweet as gold, and still we go.

G#m                                    B
Like a warm sweet air, summer sun I’ll get up and I’ll carry on 
       F#                                     E
And I swear to you when brown leaves fall I’m gone. 
      G#m                                       B
Like morning light, sweet summer breeze, we’ll find the young boy in the trees 
         F#                              E
And I’ll guess the name for the youth I show. 

C#m E

[Verse 3]
G#m                        B
Damn the old eroders get along, 
             F#                  E
But I’m too strong to wait that long. 
   G#m                               B
A ship is coming in these sails will shine, 
        F#              E
Morning time, my borderline.

[Chorus 2]
       G#m                                     B
And I’ll look up to the creaking boom like a swollen ghost in an endless room 
      F#                              E
That carries you through the wind and rain.
      G#m                                       B
And you’ve returned it’s been far too long let’s break the rules and carry on 
      F#                             E
And I swear to you no more separate pain.

C#m        E                          G#m   F#
I know you, live through you till we go - ooh. 
        C#m                             E                                      G#m     F#
So just keep going let’s keep rowing, I hope it’s not too far for you cus I’m true - oooh.
C#m E G#m F#
C#m E G#m F#

G#m                                     B
The summer breeze will make you see that I will go to Valkyrie 
     F#                                 E
With songs and sky and you beside me I will try. 

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