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There are three artists called Cynic. 1. Formed in Florida, United States in 1987, Cynic is a progressive metal band that recorded a few thrash metal demos before moving to a highly complex form of jazz-fusion influenced experimental/avant-garde death metal, manifested in their seminal album, 1993's Focus, which for over a decade was the band's only official release. Cynic disbanded in 1994 due

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Cynic — Adams Murmur
Cynic — Carbon—based Anatomy
Cynic — Celestial Voyage
Cynic — Cosmos
Cynic — Evolutionary Sleeper
Cynic — How Could I
Cynic — Im But A Wave To
Cynic — Integral Acoustic
Cynic — Integral Birth
Cynic — Integral From Re—traced
Cynic — Kindly Bent To Free Us
Cynic — King Of Those Who Know
Cynic — Pleading For Preservation
Cynic — Sentiment
Cynic — Textures
Cynic — The Eagle Nature
Cynic — The Space For This
Cynic — The Unknown Guest
Cynic — Uroboric Forms
Cynic — Veil Of Maya
Cynic — Wheels Within Wheels