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Darkane (formerly known as Agretator) is a melodic death / thrash metal band formed in Helsingborg, Sweden in 1998. The name Darkane is a portmanteau of the words "dark" and "arcane". The first album featured Lawrence Mackrory, who had a much more death metal influenced voice. After 1998's Rusted Angel, Andreas Sydow was recruited, and handled vocals on the next three albums, Insanity, Expanding

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Darkane — Calamitas Third
Darkane — Chaos Vs Order
Darkane — Convicted
Darkane — Distress
Darkane — Emanation Of Fear
Darkane — Hostile Phantasm
Darkane — Impure Perfection
Darkane — Inauspicious Coming
Darkane — Innocence Gone
Darkane — July 1999
Darkane — Layers Of Lies
Darkane — Layers Of Lies
Darkane — Pile Of Hate
Darkane — Psychic Pain
Darkane — Rape Of Mankind
Darkane — Rusted Angel
Darkane — Secondary Effects
Darkane — The Arcane Darkness
Darkane — The Creation Insane
Darkane — The Perverted Beast