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guitar tabs and chords

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Japan (2004 - Present) デメトリ Demetori is a doujin circle formed of two brothers that produces mostly instrumental progressive metal and power metal arrangements of Touhou music. Currently, they have released nine full-length albums of Touhou arrange albums and have a tendency to alter their musical style for each album. Members 寺前甲 (Masaru Teramae) a.k.a 徳南 (Tokunan) - Guitars, Bass, Keyboards,

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Demetori — Border Of Life
Demetori — Strawberry Crisis
Demetori — Mysterious Mountain
Demetori — Ascending Into Naught
Demetori — Wind God Girl
Demetori — Strawberry Crisis
Demetori — Desire Dream
Demetori — Necro Fantasia
Demetori — Type A Personality
Demetori — Innocent Treasures
Demetori — Flow My Tears The Said
Demetori — Funk To Funky