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Demon Dagger
guitar tabs and chords

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The band Demon Dagger was formed in Braga, Portugal, by the brothers Vítor Carvalho (guitars) and Miguel Carvalho (drums). In 1996 they had their first live appearances and in October of the same year, they recorded their first demo-tape with homonymous title. In October of the following year the band recorded the demo “Frenzy Wraith” while a formation change happened with the entrance of the new

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Demon Dagger — Dagger Days
Demon Dagger — Dust
Demon Dagger — Dwell Deep Inside
Demon Dagger — Fire From The Sky
Demon Dagger — Forde Fed On Mayhem
Demon Dagger — Heal My Pain
Demon Dagger — Self Neglecting
Demon Dagger — Sodoma Eclipse
Demon Dagger — The Long Walk