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Formed in 1996 in Lyon, Rhône-Alpes, France, "Destinity" have always played aggressive / melodic extreme metal for over twelve years. "Black Metal (early) - Symphonic Black/Death Metal (then) - Thrash/Death Metal (now)" After a demo and two auto-produced albums, the band has released 3 albums on underground metal label Adipocere Records (France) and released the last one called "The Inside" with R

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Destinity — A Dead Silence
Destinity — Black Sun Rising
Destinity — Escaping Reality
Destinity — Got Smile Sticking
Destinity — Murder Within
Destinity — Negative Eyes Control
Destinity — Reap My Scars
Destinity — Redshift
Destinity — Rule Of The Rope
Destinity — Self Lies Addiction
Destinity — Still Remenber
Destinity — To Touch The Ground
Destinity — When They Stand Still
Destinity — Your Demonic Defense