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The best way to learn Diablo songs on guitar. Play tab and chords directly in your browser without additional software read more...

There are at least five artists named "Diablo": 1) A Four piece Finnish melodic death metal band formed in 1995. 2) A Korean thrash metal band. 3) An experimental Chilean screamo/post rock band 4) An Amiga demoscene musician active in the early and mid 1990s 5) An obscure heavy metal band from the Philippines formed in the early 70s. 1) Diablo was born in the late 1990s in Finland. They recorded

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Diablo — Black Swan
Diablo — Core Of Lies
Diablo — Doa
Diablo — In Sorrow We Trust
Diablo — Lovedivided
Diablo — Queen Of Entity
Diablo — Read My Scars
Diablo — Symbol Of Eternity
Diablo — The Preacher
Diablo — Trail Of Kings