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Dokken is an American hard rock / heavy metal band that was formed in 1978. Having big success in the 80s with tracks such as "Dream Warriors", "It's Not Love", "In My Dreams", and others, they sold over ten million albums worldwide yet faced internal battles over their direction. The group split up in 1989, having accumulated numerous charting singles and earned a Grammy nomination, and they've h

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Dokken — Alone Again
Dokken — Breaking The Chains
Dokken — Back For The Attack
Dokken — Burning Like A Flame
Dokken — Bullets To Spare
Dokken — Change The World
Dokken — Cry Of The Gypsy
Dokken — Heaven Sent
Dokken — Dont Close Your Eyes
Dokken — Dream Warriors
Dokken — Heartless Heart
Dokken — Dont Lie To Me
Dokken — In My Dreams
Dokken — Jaded Heart
Dokken — Hole In My Head
Dokken — Into The Fire
Dokken — Its Not Love
Dokken — Inside Looking Out
Dokken — Just Got Lucky
Dokken — Lightning Strikes Again
Dokken — Kiss Of Death
Dokken — Lesser Of Two Evils
Dokken — Maddest Hatter
Dokken — Lost Behind The Wall
Dokken — Mr Scary
Dokken — Night By Night
Dokken — Slipping Away
Dokken — Sleepless Nights
Dokken — Shadows Of Life
Dokken — So Many Tears
Dokken — Sweet Chains
Dokken — The Hunter
Dokken — Standing In The Shadows
Dokken — Till The Living End
Dokken — The Prisoner
Dokken — Too High To Fly
Dokken — Tooth And Nail
Dokken — Unchain The Night
Dokken — Turn On The Action
Dokken — Voice Of The Soul
Dokken — When Heaven Comes Down
Dokken — Who Believes
Dokken — Will The Sun Rise
Dokken — Without Warning
Dokken — Blind
Dokken — Seven Thunders
Dokken — Broken Bones
Dokken — Can You See
Dokken — I Cant See You
Dokken — Felony
Dokken — Erase The Slate
Dokken — One Acoustic