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Dope is a industrial metal/nu-metal band that was founded in 1997 and immediately exploded onto the New York City club scene. After only a handful of shows, Dope secured a major label deal with Epic / Flip Records in 1998. The band's self-produced debut, 'Felons and Revolutionaries', was released in 1999, and nonstop touring fueled the band's success. Dope did several national tours with acts like

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Dope — Addiction
Dope — America The Pitiful
Dope — Another Days Go By
Dope — Bitch
Dope — Die Mf Die
Dope — No Regrets
Dope — Nothing For Me Here
Dope — Now Or Never
Dope — With Or Without You
Dope — You Spin Me Right Round
Dope — Fuck The Police
Dope — Another Day Goes By
Dope — Intervention
Dope — Bastard
Dope — Burn
Dope — Debonaire
Dope — Kimberly Ghost
Dope — My Funeral
Dope — Sick
Dope — Survive
Dope — Take Your Best Shot
Dope — Rebel Yell
Dope — What About
Dope — Another Day Goes By
Dope — Die Motherfucker Die