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Doro Pesch
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Doro Pesch (full name: Dorothee Pesch, born 3 June 1964, Düsseldorf, Germany) is a female vocalist, formerly of the German heavy metal band Warlock and one of the few female singers of the 1980s heavy metal scene, which was primarily a male-dominated genre of music. Originally, Pesch was a member of the group Snakebite, but in 1983 she left the band to join Warlock. In 1987, after Warlock's fourth

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Doro Pesch — Burn It Up
Doro Pesch — Rock Before We Bleed
Doro Pesch — Always Live To Win
Doro Pesch — Undying
Doro Pesch — Now Or Never
Doro Pesch — Rock Before You Bleed