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The new wave of melodic death metal is coming from Switzerland, a country which has never given birth to any important act of this genre. Dreamshade's newest album “The Gift Of Life” Dreamshade present the sound of progression. New singer Kevin Calì (who has been in the band since October 2011) has indeed brought to the band "The Gift Of Life". Whereas the debut album “What Silence Hides” showcase

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Dreamshade — Consumed Future
Dreamshade — The Chosen One
Dreamshade — Revive In Me
Dreamshade — Eternal
Dreamshade — Falling
Dreamshade — Miles Away
Dreamshade — Venom Of Life
Dreamshade — Your Voice
Dreamshade — Wide Awake
Dreamshade — Dreamers Dont Sleep
Dreamshade — Photographs