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dredg is a progressive alternative band from Los Gatos, California, USA formed in 1993. Their first studio album, Leitmotif, was released by the Universal music label on September 11, 2001. Prior to that, it had been self-released by the members of the band. After the album hit music stores, Dredg acquired an almost immediate cult following thanks to Leitmotif's unique sound and concept. There has

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Dredg — Catch Without Arms
Dredg — Down To The Cellar
Dredg — It Only Took A Day
Dredg — Jamais Vu
Dredg — Lechium
Dredg — Movement I 45 N 180 W
Dredg — Ode To The Sun
Dredg — Not That Simple
Dredg — Penguins In The Desert
Dredg — Of The Room
Dredg — Same Ol Road
Dredg — Sanzen
Dredg — Symbol Song
Dredg — Redrawing The Island Map
Dredg — Sorry But Its Over
Dredg — Spitshine
Dredg — Tanbark
Dredg — The Papal Insignia
Dredg — The Canyon Behind Her
Dredg — Walk In The Park
Dredg — Triangle
Dredg — Yatahaee
Dredg — Bug Eyes
Dredg — Bug Eyes Acoustic