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There are at least seven groups with the name of Drone. 1) Sik Boy + Eric Dingus collab 2) German thrash metal band 3) Welsh IDM producer 4) electronica producer from Frankfurt 5) US altrock band 6) A psytrance act 7) Danish progressive grunge band 1) Producer Eric Dingus + rapper Sik Boy. 2) Founded 2004 in Celle (Germany), the metal band "Drone" released a 6-track-EP entitled "Octane" in Jan

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Drone — Burning Storybook
Drone — Carry Me Home
Drone — Deepest Red
Drone — Into Darkness
Drone — Kleine Sammlung
Drone — Motor Heavy Piss—take
Drone — Theopractical
Drone — Welcome To The Pit