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Editors are a British indie rock/post-punk revival band from Birmingham, England, formed by Tom Smith (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Russell Leetch (bass) Ed Lay (drums) and Chris Urbanowicz (guitar) who met while studying at Staffordshire University, in Stafford, England, United Kingdom during 2002. After Chris' departure in 2012 , Justin Lockey and Elliott Williams joined the band for their live

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Editors — All Sparks
Editors — Alone
Editors — An End Has A Start
Editors — Blood
Editors — Bones
Editors — Bricks And Mortar
Editors — Bullets
Editors — Camera
Editors — Eat Raw Meat Blood Drool
Editors — Escape The Nest
Editors — Feel Good Inc
Editors — Fingers In The Factories
Editors — I Buried The Devil
Editors — Lights
Editors — Like Treasure
Editors — Marching Orders
Editors — Munich
Editors — Open Your Arms
Editors — Papillon
Editors — Racing Rats
Editors — Sugar
Editors — Weight Of The World
Editors — Colours