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Ektomorf was founded in ’94, by vocalist/guitarist Zoli Farkas, in Hungary, Mezőkovácsháza. The band has taken a long road to its way to succeed: after releasing 3 records and touring around in Hungary for many years, Ektomorf took the chance to go international, bringing their heavy grooves and harsh lyrics for all the people around the globe. The mix of thrash/groove metal/metalcore and traditio

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Ektomorf — Fuck You All
Ektomorf — Fuel My Fire
Ektomorf — God Will Cut You Down
Ektomorf — I Choke
Ektomorf — I Know Them
Ektomorf — Im In Hate
Ektomorf — Nekem Ne Mond Meg
Ektomorf — Never Should
Ektomorf — Outcast
Ektomorf — Redemption
Ektomorf — Set Me Free
Ektomorf — Show Your Fist
Ektomorf — Stigmatized
Ektomorf — The One
Ektomorf — Destroy
Ektomorf — Whisper
Ektomorf — Face Your Fear
Ektomorf — Whisper
Ektomorf — Face Your Fear
Ektomorf — Holocaust
Ektomorf — Holocaust
Ektomorf — Sick Love
Ektomorf — Evil By Nature
Ektomorf — Unscarred
Ektomorf — You Cant Control Me
Ektomorf — Black Flag
Ektomorf — Aggressor