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guitar tabs and chords

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1. an American progressive metalcore band from Los Angeles, California, signed to Equal Vision Records. They have recorded three EP's and one full-length album to date, the most recent release being Between the Balance, released on July 30, 2013. Chris Balay - Vocals Julian Rodriguez - Guitar Brian McGraw - Bass Ben Kazenoff - Drums 2. Sludge/crust band from Portland, Oregon. (Changed name to Ba

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Elitist — Array
Elitist — Caves
Elitist — Domino Theory
Elitist — Equinox
Elitist — Fracture
Elitist — Life Lost
Elitist — Lucid Dream
Elitist — Odeon
Elitist — Of Creations
Elitist — Principles
Elitist — Pulse
Elitist — Reshape Reason
Elitist — Return To Sender
Elitist — Sacred Geometry
Elitist — Specter
Elitist — Square And Compass
Elitist — Time Stands Still
Elitist — Trace The Sky
Elitist — Transcend
Elitist — Unto The Sun
Elitist — Vice Versa