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Eluveitie is a folk metal band from Winterthur, Switzerland. The founder of this band was Chrigel Glanzmann. The band formed in 2002 and their first EP, "Vên" came out in 2003. They describe themselves as "The new wave of folk metal". The band then released a full-length album, "Spirit" in June 2006. In November 2007, Eluveitie was signed by Nuclear Blast. The first product of the collaboration, "

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Eluveitie — Bloodstained Ground
Eluveitie — Alesia
Eluveitie — A Rose For Epona
Eluveitie — Brictom
Eluveitie — Andro
Eluveitie — Calling The Rain
Eluveitie — Carnutian Forest
Eluveitie — Giamonios
Eluveitie — Gobanno
Eluveitie — Elembivos
Eluveitie — Havoc
Eluveitie — Isara
Eluveitie — Gray Sublime Archon
Eluveitie — Helvetios
Eluveitie — Lugdunon
Eluveitie — Home
Eluveitie — Inis Mona
Eluveitie — Ne Regv Na
Eluveitie — King
Eluveitie — Memento
Eluveitie — Luxtos
Eluveitie — Neverland
Eluveitie — Meet The Enemy
Eluveitie — Nil
Eluveitie — Primordial Breath
Eluveitie — Quoth The Raven
Eluveitie — Omnos
Eluveitie — Samon
Eluveitie — Setlon
Eluveitie — Slanias Song
Eluveitie — Song Of Life
Eluveitie — Sempiternal Embers
Eluveitie — Tarvos
Eluveitie — Tegernako
Eluveitie — The Dance Of Victory
Eluveitie — The Arcane Dominion
Eluveitie — The Liminal Passage
Eluveitie — The Somber Lay
Eluveitie — The Essence Of Ashes
Eluveitie — The Siege
Eluveitie — The Uprising
Eluveitie — Thousandfold
Eluveitie — Voveso In Mori
Eluveitie — Within The Grove
Eluveitie — Your Gaulish War
Eluveitie — Tullianum