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Ensiferum (Latin ēnsiferum (neuter adjective) meaning "sword bearer") is a folk metal band from Helsinki, Finland. In 1995 Markus Toivonen played guitar with some friends in a band called ”Dark Reflections”, which played mainly covers of certain heavy metal bands including Megadeth, Pantera and many others. Later on, Markus felt that the band in which he was playing offered him very little insp

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Ensiferum — Battlesong
Ensiferum — Battle Song
Ensiferum — Bamboleo
Ensiferum — Ahti
Ensiferum — Abandoned
Ensiferum — Dreamers Prelude
Ensiferum — By The Dividing Stream
Ensiferum — Elusive Reaches
Ensiferum — Dragonheads
Ensiferum — Ferrum Aeternum
Ensiferum — Burning Leaves
Ensiferum — Eternal Wait
Ensiferum — Frost
Ensiferum — Finnish Medley
Ensiferum — Goblins Dance
Ensiferum — Guardians Of Fate
Ensiferum — From Afar
Ensiferum — In My Sword I Trust
Ensiferum — Into Hiding
Ensiferum — Hero In A Dream
Ensiferum — Heathen Throne
Ensiferum — Knighthood
Ensiferum — Last Breath
Ensiferum — Into Battle
Ensiferum — Into The Battle
Ensiferum — Little Dreamer
Ensiferum — Iron
Ensiferum — Lai Lai Hei
Ensiferum — One More Magic Pation
Ensiferum — Lost In Despair
Ensiferum — Mourning Heart
Ensiferum — Pohjola
Ensiferum — Old Man
Ensiferum — Smoking Ruins
Ensiferum — Raised By The Sword
Ensiferum — Slayer Of Light
Ensiferum — New Dawn
Ensiferum — Stone Cold Metal
Ensiferum — Tears
Ensiferum — Sword Chant
Ensiferum — Tale Of Revenge
Ensiferum — Token Of Time
Ensiferum — Tumman Virran Taa
Ensiferum — The Longest Journey
Ensiferum — Treacherous Gods
Ensiferum — Unsung Heroes
Ensiferum — Twilight Tavern
Ensiferum — Vandraren
Ensiferum — Victory Song
Ensiferum — Twilight Tavern
Ensiferum — White Storm
Ensiferum — Wanderer
Ensiferum — Windrider
Ensiferum — Warriors Quest
Ensiferum — Axe Of Judgement
Ensiferum — Bonus Song
Ensiferum — Heathen Horde
Ensiferum — Intro
Ensiferum — Lady In Black
Ensiferum — Little Dreamer Piano
Ensiferum — My Ancestors Blood
Ensiferum — Naita Polkuja Tallaan
Ensiferum — Neito Pohjolan
Ensiferum — One Man Army
Ensiferum — One More Magic Potion
Ensiferum — Pohjola
Ensiferum — The Longest Journey
Ensiferum — Rawhide
Ensiferum — Way Of The Warrior