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There is more than one singer/band by the name Epidemia: 1) Epidemia (or Эпидемия) is a Russian power metal band. They have released several albums since 1998. 2) Epidemia is a Spanish thrash metal band. They released one album in 1994 before splitting up. They have recently reformed. 3) Epidemia is an Ecuadorian death metal band founded in 2003. 4) Epidemia is a Mexican artist who performs el

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Epidemia — Epilogue
Epidemia — Krov Elfov
Epidemia — Romans O Sleze
Epidemia — Vernis
Epidemia — Vsadnik Iz Lda
Epidemia — Ya Molilsya Na Tebya
Epidemia — Zjizn V Sumerkah
Epidemia — Zvon Monet