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There are various musical projects, which carry the name Essence or The Essence. 1) Celestial Aeon Project was known as project Essence for some time. 2) Hardcore band from Belgium 3) Metal/Noise/Hardcore band named Essence from Split, Croatia. 4) Austrian hardcore band 5) Danish Thrash Metal band 6) Alias of The Space Brothers, trance artist 7)Indian one man project by Siddharth Nair 8) Dutch New

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Essence — Allegiance
Essence — Arachnida
Essence — Blood Culture
Essence — Children Of Rwanda
Essence — Dark Matter
Essence — Final Eclipse
Essence — For The Fallen
Essence — Fractured Dimension
Essence — Gemstones
Essence — Lost In Violence
Essence — Opium
Essence — Pestilence
Essence — Revelations
Essence — Shades Of Black
Essence — The Last Night Of Solace
Essence — Trace Of Terror
Essence — Unlimited Chaos
Essence — The Last Preach