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Eths is a French metal band from Marseille. They have garned much attention and critical acclaim for their mix of different styles such as Nu-Metal, Death Metal, Alternative Metal and, more recently, Deathcore into one unique sound. Staif joined by Greg, formed the band What's the fuck in 1996. The following year, Candice joined the band which was renamed Melting Point. In 1999, Guillaume joined

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Eths — Adona
Eths — Ailleurs Cest Ici
Eths — Anima Exhalare
Eths — Bulimiarexia
Eths — Crusifere
Eths — Detruis Moi
Eths — Infini—lemniscate
Eths — Je Vous Hais
Eths — Pourquoi
Eths — Rutsah
Eths — Samantha
Eths — Septum Lucidum
Eths — Simiesque
Eths — Teratologie
Eths — Anima Exhalare
Eths — Detruis Moi
Eths — Samantha