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The best way to learn Everclear songs on guitar. Play tab and chords directly in your browser without additional software read more...

Everclear is a rock band formed in Portland, Oregon, USA, in 1992. For most of its existence, Everclear consisted of Art Alexakis (b. 12 April 1962, Los Angeles, California, USA; vocals, guitar), Craig Montoya (b. 14 September 1970; bass, vocals) and Greg Eklund (b. 18 April 1970; drums). Eklund replaced original drummer Scott Cuthbert in 1994. Montoya and Eklund departed the band in 2003, but Ale

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Everclear — All Fucked Up
Everclear — Chrysanthemum
Everclear — Detroit
Everclear — Electra Made Me Blind
Everclear — Everclear
Everclear — Everything To Everyone
Everclear — Father Of Mine
Everclear — Halloween Americana
Everclear — Heroin Girl
Everclear — Local God
Everclear — Nervous Weird
Everclear — New Blue Champion
Everclear — Rock Star
Everclear — Santa Monica
Everclear — Sick And Tired
Everclear — Strawberry
Everclear — Wonderful
Everclear — Hater