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Evile is a thrash metal outfit from Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, England formed in 2004. In October of 2006 Evile signed to Earache Records, label home of well-known metal bands such as Morbid Angel, Napalm Death, Municipal Waste and Carcass. Each band member has grown up with varying musical influences surrounding them and wanted to start up a band which played some of their favourite 80's thr

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Evile — Armoured Assault
Evile — Enter The Grave
Evile — First Blood
Evile — Five Serpents Teeth
Evile — In Memoriam
Evile — Infected Nation
Evile — Killer From The Deep
Evile — Metamorphosis
Evile — Thrasher
Evile — Time No More
Evile — We Who Are About To Die
Evile — Hundred Wrathful Deities