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Exciter is a speed metal band from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Despite many changes in personnel, they have managed to keep a small but dedicated following for over 25 years. In 1978 the band Hell Razor formed in Ottawa ON,Canada. The band consisted of John Ricci (guitars), Dan Beehler (drums) and Allan James Johnson (bass). In 1980 they changed their name to Exciter and recorded a demo which they t

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Exciter — Heavy Metal Maniac
Exciter — Stand Up And Fight
Exciter — Thrash Speed Burn
Exciter — Violence And Force
Exciter — Pounding Metal
Exciter — Saxons Of The Fire
Exciter — Swords Of Darkness
Exciter — Under Attack
Exciter — I Am The Beast
Exciter — Rising Of The Dead
Exciter — Scream In The Night
Exciter — Long Live The Loud
Exciter — Feel The Knife
Exciter — Destructor
Exciter — Iron Dogs
Exciter — Cry Of The Banshee
Exciter — Sudden Impact
Exciter — Born To Kill
Exciter — Victims Of Sacrifice
Exciter — World War Iii
Exciter — War Is Hell
Exciter — Holocaust
Exciter — Beyond The Gates Of Doom