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There are two artists bearing the name Falconer: 1) Falconer is Stefan Weinerhall's (former guitarist of Mithotyn) Swedish power metal project, with strong folk influences, aimed at being similar to Mithotyn, but (in contrast to typical harsh vocal-ed folk metal/viking metal) with clean vocals. Created in May 1999, the project initially started unnamed. Their self-titled debut album Falconer was

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Falconer — A Quest For The Crown
Falconer — Black Tarn
Falconer — Clarion Call
Falconer — Decadence Of Dignity
Falconer — Delusion
Falconer — Emotional Skies
Falconer — Enter The Glade
Falconer — For Life And Liberty
Falconer — Himmel Sa Trind
Falconer — Man Of The Hour
Falconer — Mindtraveller
Falconer — No Tears For Strangers
Falconer — Stand In Veneration
Falconer — The Assailant
Falconer — The Clarion Call
Falconer — The Coronation
Falconer — Upon The Grave Of Guilt
Falconer — Vid Rosornas Grav
Falconer — Wings Of Serenity
Falconer — Lord Of The Blacksmiths
Falconer — Vargaskall