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There are multiple artists which use this name: 1. A melodic death metal band from Russia 2. A rapper from the United States 3. A stoner metal band from France 4. A hardcore techno producer 5. An experimental/ambient side project from Scotland 6. A grindcore band from Fresno, CA 1) Fiend is a Melodic Death Metal band formed in Moscow, Russia, in December of 2007, which also touches other metal ge

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Fiend — 2012
Fiend — Before My Eyes
Fiend — Circles
Fiend — Curse Of Anubis
Fiend — Dream
Fiend — Drops Of Time
Fiend — Eclipse
Fiend — Fade Away
Fiend — Fiend
Fiend — Forgive Me
Fiend — Give Me
Fiend — Last Rate
Fiend — Liar
Fiend — My Last Words
Fiend — My Testament
Fiend — Sleeping Angel
Fiend — Soundtrack To My Life
Fiend — System Error
Fiend — The Blooming Tremble
Fiend — The Ghost
Fiend — The Moth
Fiend — World Of Insanity