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There are multiple artists with this name: 1) An American pop rock band. They formed in 2005. 2) An American Christian rock band from Florida. They formed in 1999: Fireflight is a Grammy-nomiated American christian hard rock band formed in Eustis, Florida in 1999. Fireflight debuted with 2006’s The Healing of Harms (Flicker Records), featuring two No. 1 rock singles, “You Decide” and “Waiting.

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Fireflight — Action
Fireflight — All I Need To Be
Fireflight — Attitude
Fireflight — Brand New Day
Fireflight — Core Of My Addiction
Fireflight — Desperate
Fireflight — Dying For Your Love
Fireflight — Escape
Fireflight — Fire In My Eyes
Fireflight — For Those Who Wait
Fireflight — Forever
Fireflight — Go Ahead
Fireflight — He Weeps
Fireflight — Ignite
Fireflight — Its You
Fireflight — Keeping Me Alive
Fireflight — Liar
Fireflight — More Than A Love Song
Fireflight — Myself
Fireflight — Name
Fireflight — New Perspective
Fireflight — Now
Fireflight — Proof Of Our Love
Fireflight — Prove Me Wrong
Fireflight — Recovery Begins
Fireflight — Rise Above
Fireflight — Serenity
Fireflight — So Help Me God
Fireflight — Something New
Fireflight — Stand Up
Fireflight — Star Of The Show
Fireflight — Stay Close
Fireflight — The Hunger
Fireflight — Unbreakable
Fireflight — Waiting
Fireflight — What Ive Overcome
Fireflight — Wrapped In Your Arms
Fireflight — You Decide
Fireflight — You Give Me A Promise
Fireflight — Here And Now