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God Forbid
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God Forbid is a metalcore band from New Brunswick, New Jersey that was formed in 1998. Their style is different than the styles presented by other, popular metalcore bands: God Forbid's influences are deep-rooted in thrash metal. Building up a following in the late 1990s by touring with bands such as Cradle of Filth, Nile, and Candiria, their first full album Reject the Sickness was released by 9

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God Forbid — Antihero
God Forbid — Better Days
God Forbid — Chains Of Humanity
God Forbid — Crucify Your Beliefs
God Forbid — Empire Of The Gun
God Forbid — End Of The World
God Forbid — Force—fed
God Forbid — Gone Forever
God Forbid — Reject The Sickness
God Forbid — Shallow
God Forbid — To The Fallen Hero
God Forbid — Under This Flag