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There is more than one artist known as Graveyard: 1. Graveyard is a hard rock band from Gothenburg, Sweden. Joakim Nilsson, Rikard Edlund (both formerly of Norrsken), Axel Sjöberg, and Truls Mörck formed Graveyard in 2006. When Norrsken disbanded in 2000, guitarist Magnus Pelander went on to form doomy folk metal act Witchcraft and Nilsson and Edlund joined Albatros, a growly blues rock band wh

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Graveyard — Aint Fit To Live Here
Graveyard — Dont Take Us For Fools
Graveyard — Goliath
Graveyard — Hisingen Blues
Graveyard — Longing
Graveyard — Lost In Confusion
Graveyard — No Good Mr Holden
Graveyard — Right Is Wrong
Graveyard — Satans Finest
Graveyard — Submarine Blues
Graveyard — Tack And Forlat
Graveyard — The Siren
Graveyard — Thin Line
Graveyard — Uncomfortably Numb
Graveyard — Endless Night