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Hatebreed is a metalcore, thrash/groove metal band from Bridgeport and New Haven, Connecticut. The band was founded in November 1994 by Jamey Jasta, Dave Russo, Larry Dwyer, and Chris Beattie. Hatebreed's sound can be classified as metalcore. They are also influenced by groove metal. thrash, sludge and death metal. Their sound has heavily influenced many modern metalcore, hardcore punk and crossov

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Hatebreed — A Call For Blood
Hatebreed — As Damaged As Me
Hatebreed — Afflicted Past
Hatebreed — Barn The Lies
Hatebreed — Before Dishonor
Hatebreed — Beholder Of Justice
Hatebreed — Bound To Violence
Hatebreed — Below The Bottom
Hatebreed — Betrayed By Life
Hatebreed — Burn The Lies
Hatebreed — Burial For The Living
Hatebreed — Confide In No One
Hatebreed — Destroy Everything
Hatebreed — Empty Promises
Hatebreed — Driven By Suffering
Hatebreed — Defeatist
Hatebreed — Doomsayer
Hatebreed — Last Breath
Hatebreed — Hollow Ground
Hatebreed — Every Lasting Scar
Hatebreed — I Will Be Heard
Hatebreed — Everyone Bleed Now
Hatebreed — Mark My Words
Hatebreed — Live For This
Hatebreed — Perseverance
Hatebreed — Most Truth
Hatebreed — Not My Master
Hatebreed — Not One Truth
Hatebreed — Never Let It Die
Hatebreed — Prepare For War
Hatebreed — Remain Nameless
Hatebreed — Pollution Of The Soul
Hatebreed — Proven
Hatebreed — Puritan
Hatebreed — Put It To The Torch
Hatebreed — Smash Your Enemies
Hatebreed — Spitting Venom
Hatebreed — This Is Now
Hatebreed — Supremacy Of Self
Hatebreed — Tear It Down
Hatebreed — To The Threshold
Hatebreed — Undiminished
Hatebreed — Worlds Apart
Hatebreed — Voice Of Contention
Hatebreed — Straight To Your Face
Hatebreed — From Grace Weve Fallen
Hatebreed — Seven Enemies
Hatebreed — In The Walls
Hatebreed — Walking The Knife
Hatebreed — Ad
Hatebreed — Immortal Enemies