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Hatesphere is a death/thrash metal band from Aarhus, Denmark. The group consists of Esben "Esse" Hansen on vocals, Peter "Pepe" Lyse Hansen and Jakob Haagen Nyholm on guitars, Mikael Ehlert on bass and Mike Park on drums. Mikael Ehlert and Anders Gyldenøhr left the band May 2007 after supporting Megadeth at Vega, Copenhagen The group formed in 1993 originally under the the name Cauterized then Ne

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Hatesphere — 500 Dead People
Hatesphere — Absolution
Hatesphere — Backstabber
Hatesphere — Believer
Hatesphere — Bleed To Death
Hatesphere — Bloodsoil
Hatesphere — Chamber Master
Hatesphere — Clarity
Hatesphere — Cloaked In Shit
Hatesphere — Deathtrip
Hatesphere — Decayer
Hatesphere — Deeper And Deeper
Hatesphere — Disbeliever
Hatesphere — Floating
Hatesphere — Hate
Hatesphere — Hell Is Here
Hatesphere — Ill Will
Hatesphere — In Process
Hatesphere — In The Trenches
Hatesphere — Insanity Arise
Hatesphere — Kicking Ahead
Hatesphere — Let Them Hate
Hatesphere — Lies And Deceit
Hatesphere — Lowlife Vendetta
Hatesphere — Marked By Darkness
Hatesphere — Murderous Intent
Hatesphere — Need To Kill
Hatesphere — Only The Strongest
Hatesphere — Reaper Of Life
Hatesphere — Seeds Of Shame
Hatesphere — Sickness Within
Hatesphere — Smell Of Death
Hatesphere — The Coming Of Chaos
Hatesphere — The Great Bludgeoning
Hatesphere — The Killer
Hatesphere — The White Fever
Hatesphere — To The Nines
Hatesphere — Venom
Hatesphere — Vermin
Hatesphere — Warhead
Hatesphere — What I See I Despise