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More than one artist shares this name. 1) Heathen is a North American thrash metal band originating from the Bay Area California, founded in 1984 by guitarist Lee Altus and drummer Carl Sacco. They have released two critically acclaimed albums, "Breaking the Silence" (1987) and "Victims of Deception" (1991). First Era (1984-1992) Heathen was formed in 1984 by two friends, guitarist Lee Altus (w

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Heathen — Arrows Of Agony
Heathen — Death By Hanging
Heathen — Dying Season
Heathen — Heathens Song
Heathen — Hypnotized
Heathen — Pray For Death
Heathen — Prisoners Of Fate
Heathen — Save The Skull
Heathen — Goblins Blade