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Heathen Foray
guitar tabs and chords

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Story The Story of „Heathen Foray“ begins in autumn of 2005 in the city of Deutschlandsberg (Styria/Austria). After the collapse of their old band, Jürgen Brüder (Ex-Plethora) and Daniel Koinegg (Ex-Plethora) decided, in a night full of alcohol, to try it again with a new project. Soon the two guitarists began to compose new material and to arrange new songs. But this time, they wanted to set th

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Heathen Foray — Armored Bards
Heathen Foray — Ascension
Heathen Foray — Dragons Eyes
Heathen Foray — Hopfen Und Malz
Heathen Foray — Ragnarok
Heathen Foray — Wilderness Lore
Heathen Foray — Winterking
Heathen Foray — Wolkenbruch