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There are multiple artists with this name: 1) Hunter is a Polish heavy metal band founded in Szczytno in 1985, sometimes it is also classified as "soul metal" by the musicians themselves. Their music has evolved from their early Metallica-influenced thrash style, which actually earned them the nickname of Polish Metallica locally, to a heavier and more powerful sound on albums Medeis and T.E.L.

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Hunter — Duch Epoki
Hunter — Fallen
Hunter — Fantasmagoria
Hunter — Freedom
Hunter — Grabasz
Hunter — Kiedy Umieram
Hunter — Krzyk Kamieni
Hunter — Losiem
Hunter — Loza Szydercow
Hunter — Mirrow Of War
Hunter — Nieraj
Hunter — Nikt
Hunter — Osiem
Hunter — Plytki Dolek
Hunter — Pomiedzy Niebem A Pieklem
Hunter — Post Scriptum
Hunter — Smierci Smiech
Hunter — So
Hunter — Teli
Hunter — Trumian Show
Hunter — Wyznawcy