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The Swedish death metal band Hypocrisy was formed by Peter Tägtgren in 1990 upon his return to Sweden from Florida, where he had been inspired by that state's flourishing death metal scene (bands like Morbid Angel, Deicide, Death and Obituary). Hypocrisy's first demo was recorded entirely by Tägtgren himself; once it secured him a record deal, he recruited a lineup of Masse Broberg (Vocals), Jon

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Hypocrisy — A Coming Race
Hypocrisy — A Thousand Lies
Hypocrisy — Adjusting The Sun
Hypocrisy — Alive
Hypocrisy — Born Dead Buried Alive
Hypocrisy — Buried
Hypocrisy — Carved Up
Hypocrisy — Compulsive Psychosis
Hypocrisy — Dead Sky Dawning
Hypocrisy — Destroyed
Hypocrisy — Edge Of Madness
Hypocrisy — End Of Disclosure
Hypocrisy — Fire In The Sky
Hypocrisy — Fractured Millenium
Hypocrisy — Living To Die
Hypocrisy — No Tomorrow
Hypocrisy — Nowhere To Run
Hypocrisy — Point Of No Return
Hypocrisy — Scrutinized
Hypocrisy — Slave To The Parasites
Hypocrisy — Stillborn
Hypocrisy — Tamed Filled With Fear
Hypocrisy — Untill The End
Hypocrisy — Weed Out The Weak
Hypocrisy — Apocalypse