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I Spit Ashes
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After parting with their former band, Emanuel Seis and Bernhard Lindner founded I Spit Ashes in February 2007 to show up with brandnew metalmusic. At this time Florian Knauer played drums and after searching over one year for a stable lineup the first gig was played in Tauberrettersheim on 14. February 2009 with Benjamin Müller on bass and Benedikt Rathsmann doing vocals. On 27. March 2010 the ban

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I Spit Ashes — Apophis King
I Spit Ashes — Astronaut
I Spit Ashes — Machinery
I Spit Ashes — Of Venus And Mars
I Spit Ashes — Shells Of Fury
I Spit Ashes — Soul Invictus
I Spit Ashes — The Fourth Kind