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There are two artists of the same name: JINJER - a pop-grop. JINJER - a female-fronted progressive metalcore/groove metal band JINJER is an Ukrainian groove metal band from Gorlovka, formed in 2009. Members: Tatiana Shmaylyuk - Voc/Lyrics Dmitry Oksen - Guitar Roman Ibramhalilov - Guitar Eugene Kostiuk - Bass Eugene Mantulin - Drum The band was originally formed long way back in 2009.

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Jinjer — Exposed As A Liar
Jinjer — Scissors
Jinjer — Cloud Factory
Jinjer — Pisces
Jinjer — Captain Clock
Jinjer — Words Of Wisdom
Jinjer — Just Another
Jinjer — I Speak Astronomy
Jinjer — Sit Stay Roll Over
Jinjer — Jelayu Znachit Poluchu