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Kittie is an all female Canadian metal band. MORGAN LANDER (guitar, vocals) MERCEDES LANDER (drums) TARA McLEOD (guitar) TRISH DOAN (bass) "We wanted this to be a behemoth of an album, a real beast," says Kittie front woman Morgan Lander of In The Black, the fifth studio album of her band's decade-long career as metal's reigning femme fatales. The band delivered true on their promise, creating

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Kittie — Already Dead
Kittie — Brackish
Kittie — Brackish Live
Kittie — Brakish
Kittie — Charlotte
Kittie — Choke
Kittie — Come Undone
Kittie — Cut Throat
Kittie — Daughters Down
Kittie — Die My Darling
Kittie — Empires Part 1
Kittie — Empires Part 2
Kittie — Funeral For Yesterday
Kittie — Get Off
Kittie — Immortal
Kittie — In Dreams
Kittie — In Winter
Kittie — Into The Darkness
Kittie — Ive Failed You
Kittie — Jonny
Kittie — Kingdom Come
Kittie — Mouthful Of Poison
Kittie — My Plague
Kittie — Never Come Home
Kittie — Pain
Kittie — Paperdoll
Kittie — Raven
Kittie — Red Flag
Kittie — Run Like Hell
Kittie — Safe
Kittie — Severed
Kittie — Sorrow I Know
Kittie — Spit
Kittie — Suck
Kittie — This Town
Kittie — Ugly
Kittie — Until The End
Kittie — We Are The Lamb
Kittie — What Ive Always Wanted
Kittie — Whisper Of Death
Kittie — Look So Pretty