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La Renga
guitar tabs and chords

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Argentinean hard rock band formed in 1988. They're one of the most important argentinan band ever, characterized by their independenet style, without appearing in the mainstream media and not appearing in festivales unless it's for a benefic cause. They are followed by a very loyal audience that travels throughout Argentina and even other countries like Chile and Uruguay. Originated in Mataderos

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La Renga — A Tu Lado
La Renga — Almohada De Piedra
La Renga — Arte Infernal
La Renga — Canibalismo Galactico
La Renga — Cuando Vendran
La Renga — El Final Es En Donde
La Renga — El Twist Del Pibe
La Renga — Estalla
La Renga — Hablando De La Libertad
La Renga — La Razon Que Te Demora
La Renga — Las Cosas Que Hace
La Renga — Oscuro Diamante
La Renga — Panic Show
La Renga — Ser Yo
La Renga — Tripa Y Corazón
La Renga — Vende Patria Clon
La Renga — Veneno
La Renga — Veneno