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There are several artists under the name of Labyrinth 1. Labyrinth is an Italian progressive power metal band created in 1991 in Tuscany, with famous former members (who has left the band since) like Fabio Lione (singer, Rhapsody) or Olaf Thorsen (guitarist, Vision Divine). Formed as Vision, which was later changed to Morbid Vision, and finally Labyrinth in 1994. The band members used to use pseu

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Labyrinth — Chapter One
Labyrinth — Crossroads
Labyrinth — Hand In Hand
Labyrinth — Lyafh
Labyrinth — Miles Away
Labyrinth — Moonlight
Labyrinth — New Horizons
Labyrinth — Night Of Dreams
Labyrinth — Princess Of The Night
Labyrinth — State Of Grace
Labyrinth — Thunder
Labyrinth — Miles Away
Labyrinth — Moonlight
Labyrinth — Thunder
Labyrinth — Waiting Tomorrow